Four Station Bore and Ream Machine

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  • Features:
    • Titled frame for gravity support while loading parts in the fixture until cycle clamps the part and improve chip and coolant removal

    • Four station hydraulic indexer

    • Automatic shot pinning at each station

    • Hydraulic clamping on each station

    • Dual 20 HP spindles for 1 ½" diameter blind bore through ½" steel in six seconds

    • Dual spindles for ream

    • Dual spindles for hollow mill shaft O.D. and face

    • Dual fixtures at each station

    • Quick changing tooling

    • PLC controller

    • Servo control devices on two axis (drill and ream)

    • Touch screen machine interface (one push button)

    • Load detection on each spindle

    • Through spindle and tool coolant

    • Tool life management via touch screen

    • Automatic lubrication

    • Coolant system and magnetic chip conveyor