Air Pressure Decay Leak Test Machine

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  • Features:

    • Hand load - hand unload steering gear assembly

    • Manual cycle start

    • Automatic Cycle functions: 

    • A. Clamping
      B. Air fill assemble body
      C. Elapsed time for leak decay
      D. Test evaluation
      E. Visual results display
      F. Marking good parts
      G. Hold rejects for manual release
      H. Unclamp acceptable assemblies

    • Pneumatic clamping
    • Uson test equipment
    • Two hand to control- safety feature
    • Searches for pre-set leak rate to reject


Pump Housing Leak Test Machine

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  • Function: Test pump housing for possible water leak using air pressure decay

    • Heavy 3" extruded aluminum machine frame construction

    • Heavy duty silent rolling wheels with swivel and locks (optional)

    • PLC controls

    • Clear Lexan operator protection door with:

    • -  Extruded aluminum frame
      -  Vertical travel
      -  Counterbalanced
      -  Rollers and track guided
      -  Manual close (starts test cycle)
      -  Autromatic open (air cylinder) at completion of acceptable 
      test cycle
      -  Door remains closed when the test rejects the housing, 
      until attendant manually releases it
    • Manual load and unload pump housing
    • Automatic marking of acceptable parts (optional)
    • Audio and visual warning of rejects
    • Brand and model of test equipment is customer's option
    • Fixture is fully enclosed during entire test cycle
    • Selective leak rate setting